The following list of notebooks is for your homework, that you will put on a private GitHub repository. Let us recall that you need to follow these steps first:

Steps to follow

  1. Find a friend
  2. Have a GitHub account
  3. Each pair of students must share a single private GitHub repository
  4. Fill the form with your friend at:
  5. Share your repository with user hassothea on GitHub, he will assess your work
  6. Use the Docker image of the course, following the tools page and start to work !

About your work

  • Your work can be written in French or English
  • The deliverable is a xxx.ipynb file (jupyter notebook) or a file (if you are using jupytext) built by completing the template. We won’t execute the code in your notebook: all your results, displays and plots must be visible without having to rerun everything.

Warning. If one of these steps is not followed: no evaluation !